Reality Check

What is Reality Check?

  • Day long exercise that sets land use principles and develops alternative growth scenarios through 2035
  • Gathering of 300 stakeholders from across region representing housing, business, transportation, environmental, government, non-profit, civic interests, agriculture and other sectors
  • Produces a document to guide current and future regional leaders

Reality Check

About Reality Check

Over the past 15 years, regional visioning has emerged as a dynamic and important tool for building regional consensus related to growth issues. ULI’s regional visioning program of work assists District Councils and their partners as they plan, build upon, and implement regional exercises and visions.

“Reality Check” is a visioning exercise that allows participants working in diverse groups of 8-10 regional leaders to allocate expected growth using chips or legos on large scale regional maps and asks the questions – How should we grow? Where should we grow?
It provides a region-wide awareness of the level of growth that is expected; to recognize the legitimate points of view of different stakeholders; and to lay the foundation for the development of a concrete list of next steps to assure quality growth to meet the region’s needs in the future.

BCD Reality Check

Midlands Reality Check

Upstate Reality Check

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