Technical Assistance Panels

The ULI South Carolina TAP Program brings an objective and diverse team of real estate and planning professionals together who would not be available “for hire”. The result of this collaborative effort is an implementation strategy that is based on sound information, community realities, and best practices.

Over the past 4 years, ULI South Carolina has leveraged the professional expertise of our members to write and publish more than a dozen TAP reports. ULI SC has provided technical assistance for the City of Charleston, CARTA, and the City of Columbia.

Technical Assistance Panels

The Panel Process

The TAP Process is typically an intensive two-day process where a multidisciplinary panel of ULI South Carolina members explore market potential, land use and design, financing and development strategies, and organization and implementation. Through the TAP process, ULI brings clarity and objectivity to advance land use solutions.

The TAP includes:

  • An expert panel of 8 – 10 ULI SC Leaders
  • Two-day intensive work session with in-depth analysis
  • Confidential stakeholder interviews
  • Public Presentation
  • Final report 6 – 8 weeks following the conclusion of the panel