U.S. Product Councils

  • Provide a forum for information exchange on the “state of the art” in the development field
  • Develop and maintain an informational and response capability for addressing development problems and opportunities
  • Provide an appropriate focus on the major social and economic goals and issues of the day
  • Provide input to influence community attitudes and lifestyles regarding development
  • Apply research to innovative applications in land use planning
  • Seek meaningful ways for all Councils to relate to and interact with each other
  • Capitalize on the efforts of ULI’s membership to strengthen the Institute’s overall impact and thrust

U.S. Product Councils

U.S. Product Councils play a key role in ULI’s mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Through the exchange of information and the sharing of best practices, Council meetings offer industry leaders vital opportunities to further ULI’s mission. In addition, the Councils are part of the larger ULI and its work, and every effort should be made to integrate the work of the Councils into the Institute’s overall program of work, as well as to ensure that the Institute’s priorities are conveyed to Council leadership for integration into each individual Council’s work.

ULI Council members play a critical role in building communities, developing and redeveloping neighborhoods, envisioning and re-creating business districts, planning and implementing industrial parks, bringing residential, retirement, and recreational spaces to life, and designing mixed-use facilities that are a part of our nation’s sustainable urban and suburban environments.

Value of Council Participation

Professional Development

  • Establishes recognition as an industry leader
  • Provides a forum for information exchange among peers on the “state of the art” in the development field
  • Ensures an opportunity to develop and maintain an educational environment for addressing development problems and opportunities

Forum for Industry Issues

  • Provides access to industry leader discussions on the major social and economic goals and issues of the day related to development
  • Provides constructive interaction with public official members to promote engagement with public agencies and public interest organizations
  • Allows participants to apply research to innovative applications in land use planning, which can then be disseminated throughUrban Land magazine and/or other publications, forums, and meetings
  • Provides opportunities to focus on the trends and issues of your specific industry segment


  • Offers access to ULI’s leadership and policy makers
  • Provides networking opportunities with recognized industry leaders in a specific field of interest
  • Offers meaningful ways for all Councils to relate to and interact with each other

Eligibility and Attendance Requirements

  • Only ULI Full Members are eligible to participate on Councils
  • Members must have current ULI membership and have paid council affiliation fees (CAF) within 60 days following appointment in order to remain on a Council
  • Council members, upon payment of the CAF, agree to remain on the Council to which they have been appointed for one year (through June 30 of the year of their appointment)
  • Each Council is composed of 50 to 60 members; flights (colors) are created when demand for a particular Council exceeds the cap
  • Councils hold a full day of private meetings at the annual Fall and Spring Meetings
  • Council members must attend two of three consecutive meetings in order to retain their seat, or obtain an excused absence from the Council chair
  • Councils get together for a dinner or reception one evening during each meeting (usually the evening before the Council Day program). Depending on the Council, you may be required to pay a yearly fee toward a dinner fund regardless of attendance at the dinner or reception

How to Join a U.S. Council

If you are a ULI Full Member, complete the council wait list form below, indicating your top three choices for a Council appointment. Return the form to ULI along with a text version (electronic copy that may be copied and pasted) of your current biography as detailed in the instructions. You will be placed on the wait list for three years during which your name and qualifications will be available to the leadership teams of the Councils you have chosen.

In order to maximize your chances of being selected, we encourage you to contact the membership vice chair of your top choices to discuss any upcoming vacancies on the Council (click on the link below for an up-to-date report of Council vacancies, as well as Council leadership contact information). You may check on your wait list choices anytime through your personal page at our website.

Brief description of each Council and Wait List Application (PDF)
Council Focus Summary

Contact information for Council leadership teams (PDF)
Council Executive Team

Council Vacancy Chart (PDF)
Council Statistics

Expectations of Council Members

  • Attend and participate as speakers and panelists at the ULI Spring  and Fall Meetings
  • Attend and participate as speakers and panelists at Council Meetings
  • Serve as panelists at project analysis sessions held in conjunction with the Spring and Fall Meetings
  • Serve as panel members for Advisory Services assignments scheduled throughout the year
  • Contribute articles and papers to ULI publications
  • Participate as Committee/Subcommittee/Task Force members if appointed
  • Participate in research and education programs. Participate in District Council programs in their area