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The second quarter of the year is in full swing and ULI South Carolina is not slowing down. In addition to the many events coming up around the state, planning for the Capital Markets conference is underway and our first Mentorship Program is kicking off in the Upstate. In addition, the second UrbanPlan class is underway at the College of Charleston, with the inaugural Wando High School class commencing in May.

At a national level, ULI just hosted the Spring Meeting in Nashville (see the “More From ULI” section for insights from the meeting) and is continuing its investment in technology that improves member experience and expands opportunities for engagement and knowledge sharing.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the latest member engagement platform, Knowledge Finder.  A resource exclusively for members, Knowledge Finder is a resource that supports ULI’s focus on increasing member value, allowing for the sharing of best practices and advancing the organization’s mission.

In the works since last spring, Knowledge Finder currently includes the following:

  • Advisory Services panel reports.See the recommendations from panels of member experts providing strategic advice to communities and organizations on a wide variety of land use challenges across the globe. (More than 450 reports, dating back to 1947.)
  • Case Studies. Unearth best practices and lessons learned from member development projects around the world. (Nearly 400 full-length case studies since 1994.)
  • District Council events. Find out more about the thousands of events held across the Americas year-round and find ideas for your next event. (More than 2,000 events from 2016 to the present).
  • Emerging Trends in Real Estate® reports. Compare past reports and see the latest editions of Emerging Trends in Real Estate®, one of the most highly regarded annual industry outlooks for the real estate and land use industry, published jointly by PwC and ULI. (Nearly 50 reports spanning all regions, dating from 2003 to the present.)
  • Product Council meeting agendas. Access and search the agendas and speakers for the biannual meetings of every Product Council flight. (More than 450 agendas from the 2014 Spring Meeting to the present.)
  • Technical Assistance panel reports. Read the recommendations from panels of local member experts convened by District Councils to provide unbiased input addressing local real estate and land use challenges. (More than 100 reports from 2014 to the present.)
  • People Profiles. Learn more about the member speakers and panelists with specific expertise who contributed to the content in Knowledge Finder and connect to them through ULI’s Member Directory.
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