Workshops and Symposiums

Did you know?
- 69% of all Millennials use public transit 3+ time per week
- 20% of South Carolina’s population growth will occur in metro areas opposed to 1.6% growth in non-metro areas
- Soda City Market which occurs every Saturday on Main Street attracts 600 entrepreneurial vendors and about 100 non-profits generate about $4 million a year in taxable sales for the City of Columbia

Workshops and Symposiums

In the 24 months immediately following the Game Day, ULI South Carolina hosted a series of symposiums and workshops that identified specific priority investment areas and projects aligned with the guiding principles.  Each workshop convened more than 60 people from across the region and catalyzed important discussion, raised awareness of innovative projects that are underway, and formed new alliances with organizations that can help implement the recommendations.

The transportation and infrastructure symposium identified the following priority investment areas in the next 5 – 10 years. Click here to view report.


At the second symposium in April 2015, participants were asked to develop an approach to solving a placemaking or development challenge through the lens of our region’s economic drivers. Click here to view report.

In August 2015, 75 participants gathered at the Riverbanks Zoo for a half day program that examined how to leverage community assets to overcome obstacles to creating compact mixed-use communities. Click here to view report.