Management Committee

The Management Committee defines the objectives and overseas the initiatives of ULI South Carolina. Made up of a unique group of leaders from the land use and development community, it represents ULI South Carolina to the greater public.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is composed of key District Council leaders, public and private community leaders, and other active members who have a deep understanding of the mission and priorities of ULI. These committees set priorities and assists in the delivery of services at the local level. These dedicated individuals give freely of their time, talent, and expertise and contribute to the District Council in meaningful and powerful ways.

District Council Chair
Irene Dumas Tyson
The Boudreaux Group

Chair of Mission Advancement
Jeff Baxter
Cityvolve LLC
Vice-Chair, Midlands
Todd Haynie
Parker Poe

Matt Alexander
Auro Hotels

Vice-Chair, Upstate
K.J. Jacobs
McMillan Pazdan Smith

Vice-Chair, Coastal
Miller Harper
East West Partners
Allen Bridgers
Chair of Sponsorship
Allen Bridgers
McCrory Construction
Chair of Inclusivity

Jessica Barron Barton
Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate

YLG Chair

Kerby Teller
CBI Workplace Solutions
UrbanPlan Chair
Alex Fraser
RCB Development