Get Involved

Make the most out of your ULI Membership

ULI Membership is much more than attending a few programs each year. There are dozens of opportunities to increase your involvement and elevate your visibility among real estate professionals. As a member-driven organization, we are always looking to our members to serve on technical assistance panels, serve as speakers and panelists, and expand our reach by spreading the ULI message.

To find out how you can get involved please contact Amy Barrett, ULI South Carolina,

Get Involved

We welcome membership and participation from all types of organizations, private, public and nonprofit, who share our commitment to responsible land use to sustain the growth and quality of life in South Carolina.

Committees are formed at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1). We ask committee members to make a two-year commitment. ULI South Carolina seeks to engage all industries and sectors.

ULI South Carolina has a variety of regional and statewide committees, composed of volunteer members who are driving force of the ULI South Carolina organization. Committees are comprised of active ULI SC members and represent annual and event sponsors and those who take an active interest in specific ULI SC initiatives and the success of the District Council. Additional volunteer opportunities arise throughout the year. These opportunities are highlighted in our monthly newsletters and promoted on our website.

If you are interested in getting more involved with ULISC, please email Amy Barrett, ULI South Carolina. We look forward to working with you.


Regional Executive Committees

ULI South Carolina has three regional executive committees: Coastal, Midlands and the Upstate. The regional executive committees are integral to the success of our district council. Through the efforts of our regional executive committees, we seek to build regional capacity, establish an ongoing dialogue, sustain existing relationships and build new ones through more effective communication and in-person meetings and enhance professional development opportunities that build value and support for all ULI members.

Here are a few ways our Executive Committees contribute to the success of our District Council

The Member Ambassador Program

Members are integral to the success and sustainability of our District Council. To ensure we continue to diversify, sustain, and grow our membership, members of the Regional Executive Committees reach out to new members, lapsing members, and potential new members to talk about their ULI experience. This dialogue strengthens our network and builds stronger relationships thereby increasing member retention and satisfaction.


ULI South Carolina Sponsors represent the leading land use and real estate firms in South Carolina. The contribution and investment of our sponsors contributes to the success of our District Council activities. With that ULI SC is seeking innovative ways to diversify our sponsorship and increase the value proposition for our sponsors. Members of the regional executive committees work with the ULI SC Treasurer to ensure the financial goals of ULI SC are met.

Monthly Member Only Events

Each month ULI hosts a monthly member-only event in each region. These are free events designed to increase member retention and increase the value of membership. Our regional executive committees are responsible for organizing, planning and executing these events.

Event Committees

ULI South Carolina hosts more than 40 programs per year. The success is dependent on the involvement of our members. For each event ULI SC hosts, we identify a core group of individuals who help raise sponsorship, recruit speakers, organize the content and recruit attendees. Each year we establish committees for the Statewide Meeting in February, the Capital Conference in September and regional events across the state. This is a great way to engage with our region’s industry leaders.